S.A.M.M.I. is an application for sound experiments and sonic formations, featuring a sequencer, drone machine and theremin.

The app was released in March 2014 for android and iOS. Unfortunately both versions are now no longer available.

The application was created with the use of the free Tonfall library available at https://code.google.com/p/tonfall/

S.A.M.M.I. was developed for use by Special Effects Department. Find us at http://specialeffectsdept.bandcamp.com


Sequencer - including key, note range, 5 waveforms, delay, filters, release, bpm, number of beats and loading/saving patches.

Drone machine - four oscillators with 5 waveforms, frequency/note, detune, filters, LFO (controlling volume/pitch/filter), delay effect and loading/saving patches.

Theremin - including tilt/touch control, starting note/frequency, note range, interpolation/step frequency change and delay effect.



Some enterprising folk have made some demos of the app: demo/tutorial, SAMMI testing.


To contact the makers of S.A.M.M.I. please email